Nomaden - Reisebutikken

Buddhist Himalayas - people, faith and nature

  • GeografiskAsia, India, Nepal, Tibet
  • Utgivelsesår2008
  • SpråkEngelsk
  • Ant. sider416
  • InnbindingHeftet
  • ForlagThames Hudson
  • ForfatterM. Ricard Mf
  • Pris 279,-
  • Fri retur
  • Levering 1-5 dager
  • Lagerbeholdning 1

Produsentens Beskrivelse

Newly available in paperback, this sumptuous volume presents a dazzling collection of photographs of the majestic landscape and Buddhist people of the Himalayas. The authors profound intimacy with their subject is immediately apparent in their awe-inspiring images, which present a harmonious mosaic of the unmatched richness of the civilizations on the Roof of the World. The pictures are accompanied throughout by contributions from nineteen eminent specialists on the region, who discuss the faith, culture, politics and traditions of the Himalayan world. Reflecting not only the cycle of human existence but also the history of the Himalayas, this lavish volume offers an unparalleled insight into Himalayan Buddhism in the 21st century.

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