Nomaden - Reisebutikken


  • GeografiskAsia, Kina
  • Utgivelsesår2014
  • SpråkEngelsk
  • Ant. sider191
  • InnbindingHeftet
  • ForlagThames Hudson
  • ForfatterShaolan
  • Pris 209,-

1-2 ukers leveringstid

  • Fjernlager Levering 7-14 dager

Produsentens Beskrivelse

Chineasy’s goal is to allow people to learn to read Chinese easily by recognising characters through simple illustrations. The magical power of the Chineasy method is that by learning one small set of building blocks, students can build many new words, characters, and phrases. Master a few sets of building blocks and your learning will accelerate to a whole new level. With very little effort, learners will be able to read several hundred Chinese characters and phrases and gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural influences behind the vocabulary. Even though there are tens of thousands of Chinese characters, only a few hundred are actually necessary to comprehend basic Chinese literature and begin to delve into Chinese culture and art.

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