The Plastic Problem

The Plastic Problem

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Look around you - plastic is everywhere! It's in your shoes, pens, toothbrush, car, toys, TV, water bottles, food packaging... It's so popular that it's almost impossible to get through one day without using it. And it's creating major problems for our planet, wildlife and ourselves.

With The Plastic Problem, you'll discover loads of brilliant and easy ways to cut plastic out of your life! By becoming a 'plastic patroller' instead of a plastic polluter, your actions will help protect our world, and inspire friends and family to do the same. Inside this practical guide, the follow-up to our popular 101 Small Ways to Save the World, you'll find out how to: Pack a zero waste travel kit to help your family reduce its rubbish on tripsTake better care of your clothes, swap items with friends, and get excited about hand-me-downsSwitch your toothpaste for natural tooth powders and choose an electric, non-throwaway toothbrushTake your lunch to school in a reusable container and bring reusable cutleryReduce the amount of things you buy, reuse what you have, and recycle what you no longer needTake reusable bags to the supermarket or with you when you go shoppingThink twice about single-use bottled water and fruit juices Today is the perfect time for a change. As a future guardian of the planet, you can say no to plastic.

Your actions, however small, can make a big difference every day. And with each change, you'll help our oceans become a little cleaner and our planet a little healthier. Are you up to the challenge? The contents of The Plastic Problem include: Plastic, plastic everywhere - What is plastic, where does it come from, and why do we use it?The problems with plastic - Why are we still using plastic and what are the reasons we need to stop? Take action! - Learn how to avoid plastic, start making smarter choices and make a real differenceBecome a 'Precycler' - Choose what's better for the environment instead of what's more convenient

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