Trekking in greece - the peloponnese and pindos way

Trekking in greece - the peloponnese and pindos way

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Guidebook describing challenging treks in the mountains of Greece, traversing the Pindos range, near Athens, and the Peloponnese, plus a handful of shorter routes including mount olympus. The treks demand a high level of commitment and fitness due to their remoteness and difficult terrain, and boast stunning unspoilt scenery.


Seasons June-Sept is the most settled period for weather, and not too hot in the mountains; snow Nov-April in the mountains.


Centres: Karpenísi, Métsovo, Ámfissa, Trípoli, Dhíakhofto, Sparta, Áyios Nikólaos


Difficulty: demanding rather than technically difficult; suitable for fit and experienced walkers; remote: Navigation skills essential


Must see: traverse of the Pindos, Mt. Olympus, Mt. Khelmós, Mt. Párnonas, beautiful scenery, rich flora and cultural interest.

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Publisert år: 2018
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