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Here is a new voice offering fresh glimpses from an India of the 21st century. The 12 stories in 'Oh... India!' are contemporary reports from a society vacillating between old and new times and describe people and situations from new and unexpected angles. In an Indian context, Elisabeth J. Singh can be described as both an insider and an outsider, her marriage to an Indian ended after six years, but her love affair with India has gone on for more than forty. Her knowledge of Hindi and the Indian history are door openers to strange and interesting events and happenings and her curiosity to know more about whatever she butts into is seemingly endless. The stories are presented in a highly personal way, which will give the readers an added feeling of being there. However, in this book, names, situations and places have been altered and rewritten and 'Oh... India!' must therefore solely be read as a work of fiction.

ISBN: 9789380619750

Forfattere: Elizabeth J.Singh
Publisert måned: Aug
Publisert år: 2012
Utgave: 1.utg
Sider nr: 214

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