The Gentle Art of Tramping

The Gentle Art of Tramping

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'An absolute gem of a book' Alastair Humphreys First published in 1926, The Gentle Art of Tramping is as relevant now as then. Tramping is an approach: to nature, to humankind, to nations, to beauty, to life itself. This lost classic is a breath of fresh air for world-weary souls.

It is a gentle art; know how to tramp and you know how to live. Know how to meet your fellow wanderer, how to be passive to the beauty of nature and how to be active to its wildness and its rigour. The adventure is not the getting there, it's the 'on-the-way'.

It is not the expected, it is the surprise.

Forfattere: Stephen Graham
Publisert måned: Apr.
Publisert år: 2019
Utgave: 1.utg
Sider nr: 208


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