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North Korea

  • GeografiskAsia, Nord-Korea
  • Utgivelsesår2006
  • SpråkEngelsk
  • Ant. sider208
  • InnbindingInnbundet
  • ForlagThames Hudson
  • ForfatterM. Poivert Mf
  • Pris 329,25 439,-

1-2 ukers leveringstid

  • Fjernlager Levering 7-14 dager

Produsentens Beskrivelse

North Korea has been a nation apart for more than half a century ruled by father and son autocrats, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. The epitome of a rogue state, its two rulers have expanded the cult of personality to unprecedented lengths. Giant effigies of them stare out over the capital of Pyongyang and other cities. Massed ranks of people in stadiums flip cards to form huge pictures of their heads. No country or regime, past or present, has ever created an environment of such ubiquitous propaganda. Philippe Chancel's photographs show how the political has been transfigured into an all-encompassing aesthetic, a totalitarian vision for a totalitarian regime. Flags, murals and slogans praise the ruling Korean Workers' Party, monuments, statues and portraits glorify its leaders. In Pyongyang, Chancel shows us the wide and car-less avenues, the Children's Palace, the gigantic May Day Stadium, which seats up to 15, people and was used to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Kim Il-sung's birth.

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