Lofoten vibe - english version

Lofoten vibe - english version

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Eight islands far out in the arctic ocean, a couple of latitudes north of the arctic circle. Lofoten has been called the world's most beautiful archipelago. Travel magazines and some gurus from all corners of the world are amazed at the northern lights and the midnight sun, majestic mountains and chalk white beaches. This is insagram heaven.

lofoten is a dream destination for globetrotters and explorers. Mountaineeriing enthusiasts and surfers, hobby fishermen and bird watchers, mountain climbers and skiers, artists and foodies, extreme athletes and hedonists arrive from all destinations. And photographers. Many photographers.

in lofoten vibe, 56 selected photographers show the island like you have never seen them before. Be prepared for goose bumps, palpitations, jaw dropping and tears of joy. Vivid and interesting texts and portraits give an insight into life in lofoten before and now. In addition, you find the best recipes and plenty of fun facts about this fascinating archipelago.

ISBN: 9788269162318

forfattere: Cecilie lervåg
Publisert år: 2019
Sider nr: 255

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