Globus Duorama 40cm - fot i lær

Globus Duorama 40cm - fot i lær

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Globe with acrylic sphere, Ø 40 cm, hand-coated, stainless steel mounting, leather version.

The earth in its most natural state - topography and vegetation without any human footprint: The DUORAMA's ground-vegetation map reveals a vivid view of the earth. Ocean depths or high mountain ranges, desert landscapes or forest areas, the finely hand-drawn relief shading conveys a three-dimensional impression down to the dark depths of the sea. Only the illumination shows the political map with country borders in finely graded colors. Tropics or tundra - the earth in pure splendor.

The steadfast detail: A globe needs firm support to develop its full appeal. With the Regent base design, the desktop model rests on a flat-edged brass metal foot with leather covering and rotates in a solid brass metal meridian.

  • Diameter 40 cm
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  • meridian i børstet stål
  • fot i stål og lær