Lorenzo´s Vest

Lorenzo´s Vest

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On his very first holiday to Italy, other than a day trip to Venice from the former Yugoslavia, Graham comes back to the UK with more than just any ordinary souvenir; he returns having bought a house. With nothing more than phrase book Italian, excited and uncertain of what he's done, it's the biggest gamble of his life. Lorenzo's Vest offers an entertaining understanding of Italy and Italians as observed through the eyes of a straniero.

It gives the reader, in just a few pages, a real insight into the Italy of the past, its history, its politics and its struggle to become a modern nation; questioning those who still suggest that true Italian nationhood has yet to be achieved. This insight extends to painting a vivid picture of life in Italy today, the exquisite joys to be absorbed, alongside the frustrations of experiencing life in the Green Heart of Italy, a truly wonderful part of the country. Graham takes you by the hand as you join him on his journey as a Brit into the everyday world of Umbria.The journey vividly showing his day-to-day life as a part-time visitor, immersion into the local community, his experiences and the colourful characters that become friends on the way.

Share the journey. Enjoy the read. Blow away the milky froth resting on your cappuccino and, in so doing, gain a deeper understanding of Italy and its people.

Forfattere: Graham Hofmann
Publisert måned: Feb
Innbinding: Heftet
Publisert: 2022
Sider nr: 412

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