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Marco polo er svært detajerte kart som er praktiske og enkle i bruk. 7 klistremerker for å markere spesifikke steder gjør det enda enklere å planlegge reisen. Alle kartene inneholder en omfattende index for enkelt å finne frem.

Caribbean at 1: 2,500,000 on a large overview map from Marco Polo Travel Publishing. An extensive index lists countries includes geographical features such as seas, bays, islands, peninsulas, mountains, etc., plus provides a country by country list of national parks and other protected areas.

A fold-out extension of the map cover gives at-a-glance overview of the whole area covered by the map with the adjoining regions, highlighting main places of interest and making it much easier to find various localities on the main map and/or plan a route. A set of seven peel-on/peel-off stickers, removable without damaging the map, is provided to make routes or locations more prominent when navigating.

Cartography is from the renowned German publishers MairDumont. Both geographical names of various island groups (Leeward, Windward, etc.), and political names and boundaries of the countries and dependencies are shown, with, where appropriate, associations to UK, France, etc. Bathymetric tints with depths values provide information on the surrounding seas, again with names of geographical features such as ridges, basins, straights and passages, etc. Main coral reefs are also marked. Bermuda is included as an inset.

At this scale many islands are too tiny to provide much information beyond the most essential place names. On the larger islands and the surrounding mainland more information is given, with relief shading to show the topography, road and rail networks, etc.

Time zone boundaries are indicated across the whole region. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1° intervals, and the multilingual legend includes English.

Publisert år: 2016
Innbinding: falset
Material: papir
Målestokk: 1:2500000

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