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Marco Polo Pocket Guide Bangkok: the Travel Guide with Insider TipsExplore Bangkok with this handy, pocket-sized, authoritative guide, packed with Insider Tips. Discover boutique hotels, authentic restaurants, the city's trendiest places, and get tips on shopping and what to do on a limited budget. There are plenty of ideas for travel with kids, and a summary of all the festivals and events that take place.

Let Marco Polo show you all this wonderful city has to offer... Bangkok is so much more than just a city, it's almost a universe. Typically Thai on one hand and supremely cosmopolitan on the other with peaceful monasteries and a shiny metro, spirit houses alongside gleaming skyscrapers.

The 'city of angels' is a fascinating blend of the exotic and the modern. Let Marco Polo be your guide around this vast metropolis taking you from temples to palaces, and from huge shopping centres to the street eats that are such a feature of the city. Bangkok offers a host of attractions: the largest flea market in Asia can be just as much part of the programme as a racy ladyboy show or a boat tour along the myriad channels of the district of Thonburi, the 'Venice of the East'...

Publisert måned: Oct
Publisert år: 2019
Utgave: 1.utg
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