M's lucid pants - rock black

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We believe in clothes that you don't have to think about. Put all your attention to whatever you are doing instead of the clothes you're wearing. We like to think that we design clothes that are made to be forgotten.

The Lucid Pants are made in ultra-light, highly ventilating and stretchy Liquid Rock, a fabric with a cotton touch that feels cool even in warmer climates. In the Lucid Pants, we have also used our design concept Made to Move, a new way of constructing garments that originates in the body's natural movement. The cut is also relaxed to let air flow freely and enhance the light feeling. An integrated belt with a flat buckle lets you adjust the waist.

Regardless if you’re a climber, dancer, ninja or simply a person that like to be able to move freely, we believe you will enjoy the Lucid Pants. The low weight and versatility make them an excellent travel buddy and you can pack them in a built in stow pocket.