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The ultimate, all-purpose locking system!

popping into the gas station for a quick road snack, pulling off at the bodega for a cold water, or turning in for the night at a rest stop, the number of times we leave our bikes, motorcycles, or cars full of gear unattended is particularly high. The best way to ensure that your belongings are still there when you return is with ottolock’s cinch lock—the small but mighty interlocking system that fastens your bike to a stand, your helmet or pack to your motorcycle, or your adventure gear to your car’s roof. The lightweight, packable design easily fits in the palm of your hand, and allows you to beat the odds of falling victim to opportunity theft when your back is turned.

-now updated, the hexband contains six stainless steel band layers that are able to stand up to shearing tools and cable cutters
-simple, adjustable locking system that cinches around your bike and valuables to secure them in place
-chip-resistant cerakote® paint and santoprene® plastic that will not scuff or harm finishes
-lightweight and compact design easily stashes in a bike pocket, backpack or on the bike itself
-similar to a zip tie locking and synching system with a combination code to ensure the lock
-made in usa

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