Dont run whatever you do

Dont run whatever you do

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The okavango delta, botswana: A lush wetland in the middle of the kalahari desert. Aged 19, peter allison thought he would visit for a short holiday before going home to get a 'proper job'. But peter fell in love with southern africa and its wildlife and before long had risen to become a top safari guide.

in don't run, whatever you do, you'll hear outrageous-but-true tales from the most exciting safaris. You'll find out when an elephant is really going to charge, what different monkey calls mean and what do in a face off with lions. Sometimes the tourists are even wilder than the animals, from the half-naked missing member of the british royal family to the japanese amateur photographer who ignores all the rules to get the perfect shot.

don't run, whatever you do is a glimpse of what the life of an expert safari guide is really like.
Publisert måned: Aug
Publisert år: 2016
Utgave: 1utg
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