Stay Wild. Cabins, Rural Gateways, and Sublime Solitude

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Low-impact tourism that cuts your carbon footprint and enhances your connection to nature.

For the first time in decades, our worlds got smaller, but for many, travel limitations have fostered a newfound appreciation for regional vacations. Are you ready and willing to digitally detox? Leave the city behind you, switch off, reconnect with yourself and nature, and fall in love with the world again through the pages of Stay Wild.

Follow us deep into the woods on a journey that showcases new ways to escape into Europe’s vast and eclectic landscape. With an emphasis on environmentally-friendly travel, Stay Wild shines the light on places for curious, conscious travelers to rest and recharge. From towering treehouses, compact cabins, houseboats, yurts, and mobile homes that let you cook your meals al fresco whilst the campfire flickers, this book showcases alternative travel’s astounding diversity and enriching qualities.

  • ISBN:  9783899558616
  • Publisert år: 2021
  • Utgave: 1.Utg
  • Sider nr: 256