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Moving to a new country is an adventure equal in scope to the expeditions of great explorers. Your goal is more than to just move house, it is to move your life. The Mobile Life describes how you can plan and build a successful life for yourself (and your family) anywhere in the world. From making the decision to leave, to fitting in among new neighbors, this book describes a structured and innovative approach to relocating. Each chapter links the amazing story of Sir Ernest Shackleton s 1914 Antarctic expedition to the skills, tools and mindset that help you manage the transition to create a new life anywhere. Whether you move once or multiple times, whether you are about to move for the first time or have already moved, this book will make it possible for you to enjoy the mobile life."

ISBN: 9789055948079

Forfattere: D. Lemieux
Publisert måned: 1.utg
Publisert år: 2013
Sider nr: 184