Nomaden - Reisebutikken

Raven Press Wall Map
World Physical 3 Global Views Laminated

  • GeografiskVerden
  • Scale1:23000000
  • Utgivelsesår2011
  • InnbindingPlano
  • ForlagRaven Press
  • MaterialePapir
  • Pris 499,-
  • Fri retur
  • Levering 1-5 dager
  • Lagerbeholdning 5

Produsentens Beskrivelse

The One World map is a striking example of cartographic art dealing with the fundamental difficulties which any world map must resolve. One of them is that there is no way to show a single three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional piece of paper without greatly distorting the earth's actual shape. The One World map solves this problem by presenting three globes progressively rotated to show the whole earth as if by time-lapse photography. Landforms are simplified and exaggerated with such art that they look appropriate, and make it possible to understand features which would completely disappear in a literal rendering. This is a technique which only works when it is handled with great skill and restraint.

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