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Sacred Travels - 275 places to find joy, seek solace and learn to live more fully

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Produsentens Beskrivelse

Spiritual and religious tourism is the fastest growing travel segment, but which trip is right for you? From Mecca to Lourdes, there are thousands of sacred places around the world to explore your spirituality. "Sacred Travels" offers the most spiritual sites around the world such as: Mount Kailash in Tibet (the oldest known pilgrimage site); Santiago de Compostela, Spain (where it is said the bones of Jesus' disciple St. James lay); Stonehenge in England (a sacred site for Neo-pagans); Machu Picchu in Peru (a pre-Incan mountaintop citadel and the most famous sacred site in South America); Sedona, Arizona (a healing destination since prehistoric times); and, Glastonbury, England (Is the holy grail really buried here?) With historical information about the site and a special pray or meditation to do while visiting, "Sacred Travels" is the perfect companion for those following a spiritual journey.

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