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The Maya

  • Utgivelsesår2015
  • SpråkEngelsk
  • Ant. sider280
  • InnbindingHeftet
  • ForlagThames Hudson
  • ForfatterMichael D. Coe
  • Pris 229,-
  • Fri retur
  • Levering 1-5 dager
  • Lagerbeholdning 2

Produsentens Beskrivelse

The Maya has long been established as the best, most readable introduction to the New World's greatest ancient civilization. Professor Coe distils a lifetime's scholarship for the general reader and student. Since the previous edition, new sites have been uncovered and further excavations in old sites have proceeded at an unprecedented pace. Among the many new discoveries is the chance find of extraordinary murals dating to c. AD 1 at San Bartolo in the Peten. New research has thrown light on the identity of the ‘founding fathers' of such great sites as Tikal and Copan, and their close affiliation with Teotihuacan in central Mexico. The previously little-known centre of Ek' Bahlam in northeastern Yucatan has turned out to be a regional kingdom of major importance, with extraordinary stucco reliefs and a plethora of painted inscriptions. The seventh edition also presents new evidence for the use of wetlands by the Classic Maya, and fresh perspectives on the catastrophic demise of Classic civilization by the close of the ninth century.

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