Kissing wolves in Bardufoss

Kanadiske Jeff er nok Nomadens mest bereiste - han er så godt som alltid på reisefot. Hvordan han klarer å kombinere alle sine turer med alle sine skift i butikken er fortsatt uvisst, men det kan ha noe å gjøre med at han detaljplanlegger sine reiser opptil tre år i forveien. De siste årene har han tatt med kameraet på turen og har blitt en særdeles dyktig reisefotograf. Han er sannsynligvis også den i Norge som har besøkt flest UNESCO-steder (nesten 400 UNESCO-mål). 

Foto og tekst: Jeff Parks 

Ever kissed a wolf? Well, now is your chance. Roughly a 20-minute ride outside Bardufoss, you find the fascinating Polar Park. Opened in 1994, Polar Park is essentially a zoo, but emphasis is placed on the well-being of the animals - with only 12 enclosures on 114 acres, the park boasts the biggest area per animal ratio in the world. The enclosures are quite generous, so sightings can be fleeting and often from a great distance, but it´s comforting to know that even if you are unlucky in sightings, at least your time spent with the wolves will have been more than worth it. 

Here on offer for your viewing pleasure is an all-star cast of the country´s most famous wildlife, including bear, lynx, fox, elk, wolverine, and of course wolves. While most of the creatures are off limits to human interaction for obvious reasons, the wolves are another story. It is possible, quite literally to meet, pet and even kiss these intelligent animals.

Visits into the wolf enclosure usually last about 30 minutes and are limited to a handful of people under supervision - but the experience is truly remarkable. Leave all your misconceptions behind, let your curiosity take over and make the effort to learn and better understand these magnificent, often misunderstood creatures. With a mere 10-minute briefing beforehand on wolf-human interaction, you are escorted into their enclosure for a thrilling, personal and intimate “encounter” with a handful of full-grown wolves. It is said that once you have “French-kissed” a wolf, a certain trust has been created from the wolfs perspective and you have bonded with them for life.

A truly magical experience.

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