Atlas of Wild America

Atlas of Wild America

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Filled with authoritative maps, data-driven graphics, awe-inspiring photographs, and thoughtful essays, this vivid book will feed the soul of everyone who loves wild places. Six lush chapters take readers from the eastern woodlands to the central plains, from the northern wilderness to southwestern desert lands - including key wilderness areas in Canada and Mexico. You'll discover the fascinating history of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, learn about fossil remains on the Upper Missouri River, gaze through the rainforest canopy of Alaska's Tongass National Forest, and experience Grand Canyon Parashat's Dark Sky Park.

A special section rich in maps and graphics highlights 13 thematic topics, such as the National Scenic Trail System and the human impact on wilderness areas. This beautiful book, bursting with information and lyricism, will inspire all who have journeyed into the wild - and intrigue many who still hope to do so.

ISBN: 9781426222351

Publisert: Ok.t 2023