Caribbean Cruising - Aruba; Curacao & Bonaire

Caribbean Cruising - Aruba; Curacao & Bonaire

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This is a double-sided map, printed on waterproof stone paper. The Dutch Antilles islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are popular Caribbean resort destinations, with pristine beaches, interesting colonial architecture, and even a desert. Settlements like Rincon, on Bonaire, were founded eighty years before Jamestown, in Virginia, and the islands first welcomed Europeans in 1499. As a result, the islands are steeped in a rich history.

This map expands our Caribbean series. Each island is shown in detail, filling one side of the sheet. The other side is filled by our first-ever map of the Caribbean from the Florida Keys and the Bahamas south to the coastline of Venezuela and from Central America east to Barbados. Every cruise ship destination is shown on this map, including one that no cruises will visit. Tiny Navassa Island is a speck of land disputed as to who owns it - Haiti or the USA!

Naturally, all of the island nations well-known to visitors are included, but also lesser-known paradises of the beaten track - for example, Margarita (Venezuela), Cayo Mayor (Honduras), or San Andres (Nicaragua). This map also expands ITMB's growing range of popular cruising maps. This title has two covers, so can be marketed as a Caribbean Cruising map or as a map of three interesting islands.

  • Publisert: 2022
  • Innbinding: Falset
  • Materiale: Vannfast papir
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