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guidebook describing all the trekking routes on kilimanjaro (5895m), one of the seven summits. With 6 ascent routes, 3 summit ascents, the circuit path and descent paths, the guide also provides comprehensive information on preparation and access, a route on mt meru, as well as information on accommodation and other facilities.


two dry seasons - mid-december to march and july to early october


flights into nairobi in kenya, dar es salaam or kilimanjaro international airport; outfitters normally based in arusha or moshi


kilimanjaro is a big mountain, but the normal trekking routes are not technically difficult. Altitude and acclimatisation are the main problems and ams can kill if not taken seriously.

must see

dawn over africa from the summit, the natural environment, the crater

forfattere: A. Stewart
Publisert år: 2018
Sider nr:255

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