THE GR1: Spain´s Sendero Historico

THE GR1: Spain´s Sendero Historico

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The GR1 (Sendero Historico) is a long traverse of northern Spain from west to east over 1250km of remote country and mountain walking. The waymarked route runs through the Pyrenean foothills from Puerto de Tarna at the western end to near L'Escala on the Mediterranean coast. Arguably one of Spain's best long-distance paths, it follows gently graded paths, making a long but easy walk suitable for a reasonably fit walker.

The complete trail requires around 53 days to complete end to end, but the guidebook splits the route into 7 sections, each with a start or endpoint that can be easily reached by train or bus, allowing walkers to explore the route in manageable chunks. The guidebook also describes how to extend the route to Finisterre and the Atlantic using GR routes.

Providing all the information you will need, the guide combines practical information about planning your own itinerary, when to go, cuisine and terrain with general information about the varied geology and history of the area. Route description is accompanied by contoured mapping and stage and section summary information, as well as detailed information about any accommodation available en route.

Forfattere: John hayes
Publisert måned: Nov
Publisert år: 2015
Utgave: 2.utg
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