Dartmoor Off-Road Bike Routes

Dartmoor Off-Road Bike Routes

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Explore Dartmoor by bike with this laminated, waterproof Dartmoor map. With 10 brilliant, circular touring routes, this easy-to-use cycling map will take you off the beaten track and help you discover the best trails on Dartmoor. Each route has been chosen for its overall quality - a firm belief that bikes are for riding, the inclusion of technical difficulty for its own sake, or too much pushing or carrying, has been avoided wherever possible.

All are circular, and where possible start at, or near to, main roads or railway stations, to avoid creating extra motorised traffic on the quiet lanes that we are intending to travel. The direction chosen is intended to provide the best views, and more importantly, to keep the steepest and longest climbs on tarmac or similar surfaces, and the best downhills, off-road. 

  • Publisert: Juli 2021
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