Only in: Edinburgh

Only in: Edinburgh

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Discover edinburgh's volcanic geography, ancient alleys and architectural modernism with this explorer's guide to the scottish capital. More than 100 fascinating and unusual historical sites, including ancient closes and secret gardens, mysterious monuments and unexpected underworlds, storied graveyards and industrial relics. From ancient homes and ruined churches to an art deco petrol station and a library for poets.

locations include the innocent railway, a scottish acropolis, the arthur's seat coffins, trainspotting in leith, and mysterious gilmerton cove. Set off on your own urban expedition with the only in guides! These ground breaking city guides are for independent cultural travellers wishing to escape the crowds and locals keen to learn more about where they live. Unique locations, hidden corners and unusual objects.

Publisert år: 2019
Sider nr: 232

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