From Yolo to Solo

From Yolo to Solo

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At the age of 64, Sandra Reekie was offered the adventure of a lifetime: to spend three months journeying along the Silk Road, the fabled trading route between Asia and Europe. One condition: she would be travelling with a woman she had never met. What could possibly go wrong? You only live once, after all.

In this soul-lifting and honest memoir, we join Sandra as she travels with hope in her heart, rucksack on her back and the ever-complaining Joan by her side. It's a journey through eight countries, bumping along from Istanbul to Islamabad on hair-raising flights and elusive trains, tortuous taxi rides and never-ending night buses. We encounter awe-inspiring ancient sites and lost cities, from Persepolis to Palmyra, Kashgar to Khiva, as the author shares her curiosity and optimism, her frustrations and her fears.

At every turn, the timeless kindness of strangers buoys her up and propels her forward - and ultimately helps her summon up the courage she never knew she would need. From YOLO to Solo defines the true spirit of travel: to say yes to everything, to enjoy the small moments as well as the epic, and to embrace the fact that it is never too late for adventure.

  • Forfatter: Sandra Reekie
  • Publisert: Oktober 2021
  • Innbinding: Heftet
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9781784779917