Great Britain: Scotland - Western & Islands

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It would have been more appropriate to call this map the Hebrides of Scotland, but we were worried that many potential buyers wouldn't know that the dozens of islands of Scotland's west coast are known locally as the Hebrides. Side 1 concentrates on these islands, providing detailed coverage of Mull, Coll, Tiree, Rum, Skye (which is now connected to the mainland by a bridge), Uist, and Lewis. Ferry routes to the Isles are also included, of course. Gaelic is still commonly used on these islands, so we have included both English and Gaelic place names whenever practical, although how one pronounces Nah Eilannan an Iar (Lewis) is beyond my ability.

The second side of the sheet covers the southern islands and peninsulas of Islay, Jura, Knapdale, Kintyre, and Arran as well as the Glasgow/Edinburgh urban areas simply because they are there and Scotland isn't all that large in area. Scotland is a very popular travel destination and becomes somewhat over-crowded in the summer months. The islands tend to be less visited, though house a lot of hotels and B&Bs.

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