From Mumbai to Mecca

From Mumbai to Mecca

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Ilija trojanow's journey from mumbai to mecca is told in the tradition of the rihla, one of the oldest genres of classical arabic literature and describes the hajj, the pilgrimage to the holy sites of islam. 'from the very first moment they realise that the hajj - the pilgrimage to mecca - is among the duties of each and every muslim, the faithful long to go.' trojanov, with the help of his friends, donned the ihram, the traditional garb of the pilgrim. He joined hundreds of thousands of muslims who each year go on the hajj, the greatest demonstration of the muslim faith.

in three short weeks he experienced a tradition dating back over one thousand years this is his account, personal yet enlightening, for the interested non-muslims who remain barred from the holy sites of islam.

forfattere: I. Trojanow
Publisert måned: Aug
Publisert år: 2017
Utgave: 1.utg
Sider nr: 150