Canada: Maritime Provinces - Nova Scotia; New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island

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The Atlantic coast of Canada is blessed with some of the earliest European settlement areas in North America. There are three Canadian provinces that have been traditionally called "maritime" - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Newfoundland only became part of Canada in 1949, a century after the term Maritimes had become common usage, so is part of Atlantic Canada, but not the Maritime provinces. This double-sided regional map is great for those visiting all three provinces (ITMB also publishes separate maps of each province).

All the roads and towns are shown, as well as parks, camping areas, touristic attractions, and historic sites. The area is rich in history. Last summer, Lan and I took our two grandchildren on a month-long drive across Canada and visited Louisbourg, on Cape Breton, the French fortress that dominated French control of Quebec for many years. We also toured Green Gables, the actual farm made famous by L. M. Montgomery and her fictional Anne Shirley. Roosevelt's beloved estate is on Campobello Island, in New Brunswick. This is one of the most popular regions of North America to visit.

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