China: Shanghai & Southeast

China: Shanghai & Southeast

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ITM har kart over hele verden og de spesialiserer seg på land litt utenfor allfarvei. Beliggenheten til landets nasjonalparker, historiske monumenter, de viktigste veiene og lignende. Finner du inkludert i kartene. Samtlige landkart har ofte et bykart over hovedstaden.

Fra ITM: 4th Edition Although Shanghai is not the largest city in China (that record belongs to Chongching), at 24,000,000 plus people, it is an enormous area. It is one of the best-known of china's mega-cities, situated on the Huangpu River, close to the ocean. The map covers the urban area from the main railway station in the north to the Xuhui area in the south and from East China university campus to the Maglev station in the east. An inset map shows the Maglev route to Pudong International Airport. The touristic core of Shanghai is portrayed in excellent detail. The Bund, along the riverfront, is well-known, all the streets in the Old Town are shown, as is the main shopping district along Nanking Road. Ferry routes along the river are shown, as well as a good selection of hotels. The various rapid transit lines are also shown. The reverse side of the map portrays most of eastern China, from Beijing to Hong Kong to Xi'an in the west. China is evolving quite rapidly and has constructed a complex series of motorways and super-speed train lines in recent years. These are all shown in very good detail. The map also includes the island of Taiwan, claimed by China, but independent. The regional map covers the area of interest for the vast majority of visitors to China, including two dozen mega-cities of more than 5 million people each.

  • Publisert: 2021
  • Innbinding: Falset
  • Materiale: Plastpapir
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