Canada: Toronto & Southern Ontario

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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the 5th most populous in all of North America. Strategically located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, it is halfway between Chicago and Montreal and within easy access to NYC and points south. Its hinterland consists of 100,000,000 people, so this is a city worthy of note! Historically, it dates from 1793, but its antecedents go back many more centuries. The name means "Meeting Place" in indigenous annals, and it grew rapidly as a centre of commerce and industry over the successive decades to dominate Canada. It is also the capital of the Province of Ontario and the centrepoint for most banks and insurance companies operating in Canada. Touristically, it has the largest airport in the country and is the access point for most flights from the USA and Europe, so tends to be where most visitors arrive.

The map shows the core of a vast urban expanse that contains almost all of the touristic sites in the city, from the lovely recreational outer harbour islands to tony Yorkville and High Park, in the west. All tram lines are shown (Toronto has the largest fixed rail tram network in the world), as well as the extensive subway system (recently expanded), and an inset map showing all of Metro Toronto. Side 2 concentrates on part of southern Ontario, from Detroit to Kingston and north to Barrie. This would assist visitors driving to Niagara Falls, which is still the Number 1 attraction of North America.

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