Secret Brooklyn

Secret Brooklyn

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Let Secret Brooklyn guide you around the unusual and unfamiliar. Step off the beaten track with this fascinating Brooklyn guide book and let our local experts show you the well-hidden treasures of an amazing borough. Ideal for local inhabitants, curious visitors and armchair travellers alike.

All of the places included in our guides are unusual and unfamiliar, allowing one to step off the beaten track. Now in it's second edition, Secret Brooklyn features 120 secret and unusual locations. Inside Secret Brooklyn :One of the weirdest and most glorious museums this weird and glorious city has ever seen", one of only two trees that have been designated as New York City landmarks, the oldest building in New York City, the hobbit doors of Dennet Place, a park with only one tree, learn how to breathe fire, swallow swords, hammer a nail into your skull and charm a snake, the oldest subway tunnel in the world, world's smallest Torah, a secret museum built into the hallway of a Williamsburg apartment, a farm inside Domino Sugar factory site, world's first commercial rooftop vineyard ...

forfattere: Young m.Fl.
Publisert år: 2023
Utgave: 2Utg
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