Secret Prague

Secret Prague

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Let Secret Prague guide you around the unusual and unfamiliar. Step off the beaten track with this fascinating Prague guide book and let local expert Martin Stejskal, share these well-hidden treasures of an amazing city. Ideal for local inhabitants, curious visitors and armchair travellers alike.

The places included in this guide are unusual and unfamiliar, allowing one to step off the beaten track. Inside Secret Prague: A totally overlooked Art Nouveau masterpiece, secrets of the castle alchemists, the message in the hidden palindrome on Charles Bridge, the Kabbalistic mysteries of the Jewish ghetto, a thief 's shrivelled forearm hanging in a church, a statue revealing its intestines, the largest wind tunnel in the Czech Republic, a fragment of the Great Pyramid of Cheops in a pet cemetery, a clock that runs backwards, a house/museum painted blue to meet the needs of the partially blind musician owner ... Unmissable for lovers of architecture, from Baroque to Art Nouveau via Cubism, and the European capital of alchemy and esotericism in the 17th century, Prague offers a myriad of little-known marvels.

forfattere: M. Stejskal
Publisert måned: Okt.
Publisert år: 2023
Utgave: 3.Utg
Sider nr: 256