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Disse små blå vandreguidene I lommeformat har blitt en favoritt blant ferierende med utflukter og natur på programmet. Da de ble sammenliknet med andre fottur-guider I aftenposten for et par år siden, vant de testen med god margin! Inneholder kart I målestokk 1:5./1:75., ruteforslag og hendige tips for fotturister - og for de som vil komme seg rundt ved hjelp av bil eller sykkel.

The go-to Azores travel guide for discovering the best walks and car tours. Strap on your boots and discover Azores on foot with the Sunflower Azores travel guide. And on the days when your feet may have had enough, enjoy some spectacular scenery on one of our legendary car tours.

The Sunflower Azores guide is indispensable for hiking in Azores or seeing Azores by car. The Azores, nine islands in the Atlantic halfway between the Old World and the New, rise above sea level from a depth of several thousand metres. They are all volcanic in origin and all are covered in this guide book.

They are not the remains of the legendary continent of Atlantis, which is said to have sunk in the ocean once upon a time. Nonetheless, there is an aura of mystery about this lush green archipelago awe-inspiring mountains and peaceful valleys with abundant exotic plants, enchanting lakes of stunning beauty amidst extinct craters, charming hill country with fields and meadows, and magnificent coasts lined by picturesque villages and historic towns. Whatever your age or ability we've got some glorious walks and car tours to ensure you have a memorable holiday in Azores.

forfattere: A. Stieglitz
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Publisert år: 2018
Utgave: 6.utg
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