Eastern Crete

Eastern Crete

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The go-to Eastern Crete travel guide travel guide for discovering the best walks and car tours. Strap on your boots and discover Eastern Crete on foot with the Sunflower Eastern Crete travel guide. And on the days when your feet may have had enough, enjoy some spectacular scenery on one of our legendary car tours.

Whether you walk, drive or picnic in eastern Crete, the mountains will be your constant companions, changing colour and mood from dawn to dusk, as you move through them, round them and over them. You cannot fail to feel their dramatic attraction. The stunning colours and heady scent of flowers and herbs, tucked into rough ground or splashed across a hillside, the warm-sounding buzz of hovering bees, and the massed band of a thousand cicadas will all leave a lasting impression - the 'special effects' of the total scene.

You may share this rural bliss only with a solitary shepherd, his flocks and dogs, as you walk the hillsides of eastern Crete. Greeks, on the whole, don't walk - unless they have to for their day's labour. So be prepared for incredulous looks from the townspeople and faint smiles from the villagers! Whatever your age or ability we've got some glorious walks and car tours to ensure you have a memorable holiday in Eastern Crete.

Forfattere: J. Dodfrey
Publisert måned: Mai
Publisert år: 2023
Utgave: 6.Utg
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