Lesvos (Lesbos)

Lesvos (Lesbos)

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The go-to Lesvos travel guide travel guide for discovering the best walks and car tours. Strap on your boots and discover Lesvos on foot with the Sunflower Lesvos travel guide. And on the days when your feet may have had enough, enjoy some spectacular scenery on one of our legendary car tours.

The Sunflower Lesvos guide is indispensable for hiking in Lesvos or seeing Lesvos by car. A wonderful walking and bird-watching destination in the Mediterranean, Lesvos offers a stunning combination of natural and man-made landscapes to enjoy on foot or by car. Cloaked with forests of chestnut and oak, the island becomes a riot of flowers in the spring and is renowned for its wild orchids and with its own special endemic, Ophrys lesbis.

The island's hills and mountains are riddled with little-known ancient trails and cobbled donkey paths, many of which form the walks featured in this new guidebook. Follow the authors' footsteps into villages still steeped in an old way of life and into a countryside as beautiful as any in the Mediterranean. Whatever your age or ability we've got some glorious walks and car tours to ensure you have a memorable holiday in Lesvos.

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Publisert år: 2019
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