Tourist & Motoring Atlas: Great Britain & Ireland

Tourist & Motoring Atlas: Great Britain & Ireland

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Full of practical features, the Michelin Road Atlas Great Britain & Ireland is the perfect companion for your everyday journey and holiday planning. Updated every year, it gives you clear and accurate information for a safe and enjoyable journey thanks to a detailed mapping scale of 1/300 000. The route planner as well as the time and distance charts will help you plan and optimise your journey.

Michelins safety alerts warn you about dangerous driving areas, such as steep hills, level crossing as well as risk zone subject to tighter speed check. The Michelin Great Britain and Ireland road atlas also shows tourist sights, leisure facilities, as well as scenic routes so that you can make the most of your journey. Michelin Great Britain & Ireland Atlas (A4 Spiral) features:* Detailed mapping with a scale 1/300 000 (4.75 miles to 1 inch) * Mileage chart and journey times to help you plan your journey *Key to Map Pages to quickly access your region of interest*Practical street plan section for an easy navigation in urban areas: 52 town plans embedded in the mapping of their surrounding area.

Publisert år: 2022
sider nr: 194
Innbinding: spiral
Material: papir
Målestokk: 1:300,000