Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

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Highly tear-resistant and 100% waterproof map "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego" from the world mapping project series.

Travel Know-How Maps are characterized by particularly stable plastic paper, which can be written on like paper, even with a pencil. The cardboard envelope is removable, making it easy to put the card in any pocket. A protective cover is not required. The cartographic representation focuses on the most important information for travelers and is particularly easy to read. Instead of shading, coloured height layers are used.

  • Contour lines with elevations
  • Coloured elevation layers
  • Classified road network with distances
  • Sights
  • Detailed place index
  • GPS-accurate
  • Longitude and latitude
  • Five-language legend (German, English, French, Spanish, Russian)
  • Glossary of geographical terms
  • Northeastern province of Misiones as a clinker
  • Publisert: 2024
  • Innbinding: Falset
  • Materiale: Plastpapir
  • Målestokk: 1:1 400 000