Secret Seville

Secret Seville

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Let Secret Seville guide you around the unusual and unfamiliar. Step off the beaten track with this fascinating Seville guide book and let our local expert show you the well-hidden treasures of this beautiful city. Ideal for local inhabitants, curious visitors and armchair travellers alike.

Why is there a stone relief of Grace Kelly on the wall of Seville Town Hall and how can you track down the railway from the Ibero-American Expo of 1929? Where might you find the legacy of Christopher Columbus' son, a medieval Jewish cemetery in a car park, the oddest of barbershops, forgotten souvenirs from the Guadalquivir steamboats, Masonic symbols in a church, the last remaining vestiges of the Andalusian pavilions from the '29 Expo, a little-known Modernist electric power station, an example of the Nazi Enigma machine, a collection of Chinese and Japanese art in a Renaissance mansion or the pillars of a medieval synagogue? Far from the crowds and the well-worn cliches, Seville still has many hidden gems it only reveals to locals and visitors who head off the beaten track. An essential guide for those who thought they knew Seville well or are seeking to discover another side of the city.

  • Forfattere: Ricardo de Castro
  • Publisert: Mai 2022
  • Antall sider: 299
  • Innbinding: Heftet
  • Språk: Engelsk

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