Petra - the rose red city

Petra - the rose red city

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Deep in the desert of Jordan lies the hidden city of Petra, one of the greatest marvels of the ancient world. Carved from rose-red rock, Petra's monuments, dwellings and temples were for centuries the centre of a splendid civilization. Later the city fell into ruin and its location was lost, until the Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt rediscovered it in 1812.

Petra's mysterious beauty and dramatic story have long captivated the imaginations of historians and art lovers. Excavations by the authors Christian Auge and Jean-Marie Dentzer provide new information about this unique city.dimensjon: 18 x 12,5 cm

Språk: Engelsk

forfattere: C.Auge & dentz

Publisert måned: 4utg
Publisert år: 2016
Sider nr: 127