Tokyo Unseen

Tokyo Unseen

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ollowing on from the first three books in the Unseen series about New York, London and Berlin, Tokyo Unseen is another authentic approach to one of the largest and most fascinating cities of our civilisation. The impressive coffee table book presents the city of contrasts in a fascinating honesty that only an inhabitant of this city of millions can portray in such a direct way. In unique photographs, Polish photo artist Lukasz Palka, who has lived and worked in Tokyo since 2008, succeeded in explaining his home city to strangers in pictures.

The street life photographer describes his own work as a by-product of his countless walks through the city, where he constantly encounters exciting scenes and people. The magic behind his pictures lies in the chance product, because the artist never searches for his motifs, they simply come across him. In doing so, he manages to convey the fascinating contrast of the Japanese capital in an almost perfect way.

For in hardly any other city do the future and the past exist so close together. Thus, the coffee-table book presents wonderful pictures of people going about their daily lives, of skyscrapers and temples and the unique culture of life that arises when 14 million people meet in a very small space. Text in English and German.

  • Forfatter: Lukasz Palka
  • Publisert: September 2021
  • Antall sider: 208
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN: 9783961714902

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