Spain - El Hierro

Spain - El Hierro

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Dette store østerriske kartforlaget er kjent for sin klare kartografi og gode papirkvalitet. De kommer i alle målestokker, og flere av landkartene inneholder bykart og turistinformasjon.

The island of Hierro at 1:30,000 on a contoured, GPS compatible tourist map from Freytag & Berndt highlighting various places of interest, as well as waymarked hiking routes. Contours at 50m intervals are enhanced by bold relief shading and names of numerous peaks to provide a very clear picture of the island’s topography.

Road network includes local roads and country tracks, indicating locations of petrol stations and driving distances on main routes. Picturesque towns and villages or sites are clearly highlighted, and symbols mark other places of interest including beaches, campsites, viewpoints, lizard reserves, etc. Also provided is a list of bus routes.

Publisert år: 2019
Innbinding: falset
Material: papir
Målestokk: 1:30000