Israel; Palestine & Holy Land

Israel; Palestine & Holy Land

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Dette store østerriske kartforlaget er kjent for sin klare kartografi og gode papirkvalitet. De kommer i alle målestokker, og flere av landkartene inneholder bykart og turistinformasjon.

Israel - Palestine - Holy Land "Top 10 Tips" Map at 1:150,000 from Freytag & Berndt with a booklet containing an index, brief descriptions of region’s 10 most popular destinations, plus a street plan of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The map divides the country north/south (roughly half way between Jerusalem and Hebron), with the southern tip of the Negev Desert shown as an inset. Within Israel in pre-1967 boundaries, names of larger towns are shown in both scripts, with smaller towns, villages and geographical names in the Latin alphabet only. In the West Bank, place names are in the Latin alphabet only, with the main Jewish settlements in both scripts.

Despite its large lettering, outside the main Tel-Aviv/Herzliya conurbation the map very effectively shows the country’s topography, with bold relief shading, spot heights and plenty of names of geographical features. Road network includes names of most junctions, useful when travelling across the country.

Symbols highlight the region’s 10 most visited places, archaeological and religious sites, national parks and nature reserves, campsites and youth hostels, etc. The course of the separation barrier is marked. The map has a latitude/longitude lines at intervals of 10’. Multilingual legend includes English and Hebrew (no Arabic).

The booklet attached to the map cover contains brief descriptions (English included) of the top 10 sights, a street plan of Jerusalem’s Old City, plus an index of place names which includes locations in the neighbouring countries.

Publisert år: 2021
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