Explore: Orlando

Explore: Orlando

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From making sure you don't miss out on must-see attractions like Epcot's World Showcase to discovering hidden gems, including International Drive, the easy-to-follow, ready-made walking routes will help you plan your trip, save you time, and enhance your exploration of this fascinating city. 

Practical, pocket-sized and packed with inspirational insider information, this will make the ideal on-the-move companion for your trip to Orlando. Enjoy over 15 irresistible Best Routes to walk, from Magic Kingdom to Tampa Bay. Features concise insider information about landscape, history, food and drink, and entertainment options. Invaluable maps: each Best Route is accompanied by a detailed full-colour map, while the large pull-out map provides an essential overview of the area. Discover your destination's must-see sights and hand-picked hidden gems.

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