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Marco polo er svært detajerte kart som er praktiske og enkle i bruk. 7 klistremerker for å markere spesifikke steder gjør det enda enklere å planlegge reisen. Alle kartene inneholder en omfattende index for enkelt å finne frem.

Cyprus Holiday Map at 1:225,000 from Marco Polo Travel Publishing, waterproof, tear-resistant and in a handy pocket format, with highlighting for places of interest and scenic routes, street plans of the country’s main cities and tourist destinations, a distance table and traffic regulations, etc.

Topography is presented by relief shading with plenty of names mountain ranges, peaks, etc; protected areas are clearly highlighted. The map shows the island’s road network, including local roads and selected country tracks and paths. Interesting towns and villages, as well as other sites and natural features are highlighted with grading. South of the border dividing the island, names of towns and villages are given in both Greek and Latin alphabets; natural features, places of interest and all place names on the Turkish side are in the Latin alphabet and, where appropriate, north of the border old Greek names are also shown. The map has latitude and longitude lines at 10’ intervals. The index includes natural features such as rivers and mountains.

Publisert år: 2017
Innbinding: falset
Material: plast
Målestokk: 1:225000