The nordic art of friluftsliv

The nordic art of friluftsliv

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Whereas the popular danish philosophy of hygge espouses the joys of turning your home into a cosy sanctuary, the norwegian concept of friluftsliv encourages us to get out into the great outdoors.

However, friluftsliv - or 'free air life' - means much more than going on camping trips; it reflects an innate understanding of the basic human need to connect with the natural world. Rather than seeking to conquer nature - climb the highest mountain, for example - it is about simply spending time with nature and finding harmony with its rhythms.

In norway, even city dwellers are never far from fjords, parks, and woodland, but this book explains how anyone can enter a friluftsliv state of mind, make the most of their outdoor opportunities and reap the benefits for their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Publisert måned: Feb
Publisert år: 2020
Utgave: 1utg
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